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JQuery Issue - Stops displaying images on site


Hi there, I was able to install both jQuery and Export setup files fine. The project worked great until I noticed it had stopped displaying my images on the main portal through my nivoslider image rotator which utilises jQuery. The error referred to a sp.ribbon.js javascript error. I disabled the SharePointCustomHeaders feature and was able to view the images again but this in turn had stopped the functionality of the export list. The java error was

Message: object expected
Line: 2
Char: 19886
Code: 0
URI: http://webapplication/_layouts/sp.ribbon.js?rev=F%2BUEJ66rbxzsvpf7nN69wQ%3D%3D

Any idea on how to get this working? This is a fantastic solution which I would really like to get operational for some of the business users who require to extract some of the larger lists in BCS.

Could really use your help!