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New Version 1.2 Now Available:
Fixed issues with Page Not Found
External dll files included in WSP directly

Project Description:

As you already know, there is no possibility in SharePoint 2010 to export any external lists to excel file like with other lists or document libraries. Therefore I have created simple plugin, which will install new ribbon button to any external list on SharePoint site collection. After you click on this button the modal dialog window will pop up and you can choose to which excel file type (office 97 - 2003 or to office 2007 - 2010) you want to export current external list.

Your export will export not only current external list but also current selected view.



Modal Dialog:

Exported List:

1. Download file and unzip it
2. You will see three folders.
3. (If you are installing version 1.2 of this feature you can skip this first step) First go to folder 1. Install dll  and run setup.bat - this will install needed dll files to GAC. If you have some problem to install it from setup.bat please install it manually to GAC. Or if you have some of these dll’s already install only those you need.
4. Now go to folder 2. Install Jquery and run setup.exe. This will install Jquery to your site collection headers. If you already use jquery on your site collection you don't need this custom header.
5. Finally go to folder 3. Install ExportExternalList and run setup.exe. This will install Export To Excel button to any external list.

If you don't like included setup files you can simply install everything manually from PowerShell.
You don't need MS Office installed on SERVER!

If you will find any bugs please let me know at or post your findings in Issue Tracker.

If you don't need the office 97 - 2003 version of export please use office 2007 - 2010 export. This export is much more professional.

Thanks goes to:
Carlos Aguilar Mares -
MDeLeon -

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